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Remember the adage "dress for success"? It was a rule meant for job seekers in the corporatel world. If you wanted to land the job of your dreams and climb the corporate ladder, you needed to present yourself professionally on the outside so your superiors would take you seriously and you would land the position and/or be promoted.

While we know corporate cultures can be quite casual in our current era, the "dress for success" rule applies to website and graphic design in the sense that when your marketing collaterol is designed so that your target market relates to you and respects you, you will get more of their business.


• Gets you noticed, then gets your potential customer to take a deeper look.
• It instills confidence, making it more likely to make a sale, recruit new membership, etc.
• It creates positive customer experiences, making brand loyalty and repeat business more likely.

The bottom line is that good design impoves your bottom line. Poor design is a turn-off to customers and potential customers, which makes it more likely that they will turn to others to provide what they are looking for, especially in highly competitive business environments. Effusion will ensure your company image conveys you as a top contender in your field.  read more...

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