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So you want to “wow” your audience with a dynamic and high-impact presentation, but you just donʼt have the time, let alone the skill level, to make that happen. Effusion Creative Solutions has re-created numerous standard presentations into high-impact presentations that are engaging and effective for reaching the objective you are after. We have designed high-impact PowerPoint presentations for a myriad of reasons including: securing a multi-million dollar account, increased funding for research, sales training, keynote speaking, awards ceremonies, and the list goes on.

We take "standard" slides, fine-tune the layout, content, images and animations to create a polished, professional presentation. We can create artwork and illustrations on your behalf to drive home a critical point in your presentation or to demonstrate something more clearly. The team at Effusion can add scans of photos, set up digital photo shoots, insert custom graphs and tables, embed voice-over narrations, music, video, flash animations and much more.

Click here to see some samples.

A wide variety of organizations such as Kohler International, Univita Healthcare, Cricket Phones, Cornell University, Dentsply International, Young Power Equipment, and Scotia Bank have benefited from a high-impact PowerPoint presentation developed by Effusion Creative Solutions.

Whether you need us to build a presentation from scratch or to do a makeover of an existing presentation, Effusion Creative will help you develop a dynamic presentation to engage your audience and deliver your message effectively. The end result is a high-impact presentation that meets your exact needs - a presentation with a look and feel that fits your style, and is polished, professional and makes your audience say 'wow'.

Click here to see some of our work or call Effusion Creative Solutions at 480.227.8951 or contact us to discuss your creative meeting presentation design project with one of our professional and creative designers.

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