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So you don't have the financial power of Starbuck's, McDonald's, or Target to launch a $100,000 (or more) brand strategy campaign this year, but you want to take your company image and impact beyond the $100 online logo and brochure package.

Effusion Creative Solutions is here to meet you “in the space between.” Brand strategy is very important because it pays off with big dollars. There are companies that specialize in doing large-scale testing, external market research, and brand training for employees so that companies establish themselves in existing and new markets correctly. Effusion is not the company for that type of branding strategy. However, we have a modified branding strategy process for the relatively successful smaller company.

What Effusion does, is take you through a process of thinking about your company, it's products, services, its competition, what you stand for, how you want to establish yourself, what your customers appreciate about you, your vision for the future, and of course the overall feeling you want to project. We then take all of the details gathered from you, do more research, and develop unifying messages and visual images for you and with you to move you forward to the next level of success.

Effusion Creative will develop your branding identity (logo) and all of your advertising, marketing and promotional collateral so that it consistently delivers your brand message and all that you stand for. That's your brand (your reputation, what you stand for, your promise, your value, and the personality you convey.) Yup, brand is emotional and it's complicated. Effusion will help you with
your small business brand strategy.

Even as a small to medium sized company, the value of brand strategy is that it helps you to:

• Stand out from your competition
• Bring your competitive and value propositions to life
• Positions you as a certain “something” in the minds of customers and potential customers
• Grow faster than others in your industry
• Charge higher prices
• Gain market power
• Generate More Leads
• Speed up the Sales Cycle

In the end, what's most important is that the promises you make to your customers are delivered. Your brand consistently and repeatedly reminds prospects and customers why they should buy from you...because of the promises you deliver. By investing in overall well-branded marketing design, you are investing in how that promise is best represented visually.

Click here to see some of our work or call Effusion Creative Solutions at 480.227.8951 or contact us to get started on your branding project.

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